A Lesson in Dinosaurs!

Now this could be vain of me but in my mind, all good ideas I have come out in due time. Here I am trying to birth out any/everything, feeling like my thoughts are spilling and overflowing and there’s no time give each of them the thinking-power they deserve. I’m thinking to help this outpour… Continue reading A Lesson in Dinosaurs!

Goals, To Do

THIS YEAR…It’s going down!

Happy Friday Everyone! Okay so I realize that I’m technically 2 days late in uploading this, but like I’ve been saying---  I’M WONDERFUL WITH IDEAS, JUST SUFFER FROM PISS-POOR FOLLOW-THRU!!  Nevertheless, here I am with my 2012 bucket list!!! I’ll get straight to the point on this one! Lately I’ve been feeling so settled and… Continue reading THIS YEAR…It’s going down!