Good Guy vs. Bad Boy / Gideon vs. Joshua [Intro]


Now, I’m no Bible scholar by far, but I try to relate my personal dating experiences to Biblical references in order to help me determine how I am to navigate my walk as a young Christian woman.  At this point, since I desire to be a mother (and therefore by default also be a wife) I’ve endeavored to put myself out there by dating and meeting men in order to be found my He. There’s so much I’ve learned that I solemnly choose NOT to blog about, but this one I think is a must-share!!

Okay, lets get to it!

Good Guy vs. Bad Boy/ Gideon vs. Joshua

There are two men in my life right now. I am not exclusively dating either one of them, but they’ve peaked my interests to such an extent that I think they’re worthy of writing about. My dating life is such a disparity that I often question why I meet people that are on extreme ends of the “Good Guy vs. Bad Boy” spectrum. In my mind, the man for me doesn’t have to be as spiritually minded as a monk, but I don’t want him crunk-tastic and ungodly to such an extent that I can’t take him anywhere without him pulling out a gun and shooting the place up either! Shouldn’t any woman prefer to meet in the middle somehow? I don’t want a pansie or “fuddy-duddy” as my Uncle charmingly calls men that may be squirmish, but I don’t want a semi-militant oppressor that is fighting any- and every-thing all the time..

Does the man that God designed look like a moderation of both? Does he have a strong spirit and a strong mind/body as well? Somehow both should be equally important, but when it comes to the life-application of this ideal “man of might” how does that play out in relationships. What qualities should a woman look for when dating? What is more- or most-important? On one hand, it is going to take spiritual strength and dedication to make sure we’re headed in the right direction as a Christ-centered couple, but based on what I know to be true about myself, it will probably also take a fortified physical/mental strength for him to even deal with the likes of me! Quiet-as –kept: I’m not the easiest Eve to deal with! LOL!

So as I make considerations for these two men I’ve just recently met, because that’s what single women do, I wonder whats more important? Is the whole-hearted, sold-out-for-God quality all that needs to be established in his life to make him the ULTiMATE MAN, or do you seek a man who also will put foot-to-tail on your behalf because he loves you? Does a display of courage matter much when dating?  Should a woman even care if her guy is “courageous”? Does he have to be a fighter in order to even  qualify? What level of dexterity is enough?

As I search for Biblical examples to help me with this question, I find that both Gideon and Joshua were MIGHTY MEN of God.

Both were conquerors  but they conquered in very different ways.

Gideon was hesitant, very fearful. He was worrisome and afraid to fight even though God was with him.

Joshua, on the other hand, is shown Biblically as a Warrior, amazingly powerful in the way he unceasingly fought to obey to the Lord.

When God called: Gideon said “Oh, wait… ” and questioned why “he” was the one being called.

When God called: Joshua said: “Let’s go!” and went ham  on everybody that stood between God’s people and their promise–no questions asked.

Both of them prevailed, but their methods were very different.

As I get to know these two men, I wonder sometimes about the type of conqueror God has designed for me.

Is my “HE” a good guy like Gideon–discreet, humble, hesitant? Or is he the buck wild bad boy like Joshua–No Holds barred…

or does it even matter?

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