#AWiseWoman: Day 1

My favorite scripture is Prov. 14: 1 which reads:

A wise woman builds her house, but a fool plucks it down with her hands.

It was probably the first scripture I ever tried to memorize for myself (and not because “its something that every believer should know and reference”). It meant something to me at the time, and it’s stuck ever since.

Anyway, today is Day 1 of me getting things back on track since this morning’s dress fiasco.Feel free to read https://eveunyoked.com/2016/07/10/that-pivotal-moment if you need to know why I’m having a pre-mid-life crisis!!  I thought on Prov. 14: 1 all day. Ensuring that each decision went towards building up my body and not destroying it.

Decided I’d start off on the good foot and try to show my best intentions to maintain this health-conscious shift , so here you go!!

Yes, my belly could use some work, but I hate HATE HATE crunches!

Yes, my booty could use some work, but I hate HATE HATE squats & Lunges too!

I did go to the gym today! Stayed for over an hour! LOL! Like an hour and 15 mins, but hey, I was there! I even went grocery shopping and bought $76 worth of fruit and veggies. **I did sneak in a bag of Tostitos though! (What’s life without them really? I eat them unapologetically! Diet or NO DIET, TOSTITOS are MANDATORY! Sorry! 🙂

I came home and took my measurements b/c it seemed like I should. I probably won’t measure again until the end of the year, but here are those pics also!


Bust: 38.7in


Waist: 34.5in


Hips: 40.5in


Day 1: 7/10/16 Statistics


Honey Glazed Salmon w/Stir Fried Veggies

I even made time to cook today!

I chose Salmon with stir fried veggies (b/c that’s what was in the freezer!)


It was delish!

Day 1 DONE!!!




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