I needed something good…

Ya’ll will probably NEVER hear me say this… but I HAVE REALLY BEEN STRUGGLING!! Just having a difficult time with several things. And though I don’t want to really get into too much info right now.. (trust me, exposure will come soon enough!) Right now I am just elated to have SOMETHING positive to share.

It may not mean much to you, but a silver lining can be the only thing you have to smile abimg_8720out.

Remember that dress from the previous That Pivotal Moment… post, well:

I am finally able to get it zipped up!

I can’t say I worked hard, but I did attempt to go to the gym a few times in the past 2 months! I didn’t give up sweets, didn’t give up pork, didn’t starve myself either, but I tried to cook a little bit more than I normally do.. which is really HARDLY EVER. I will say I cooked at least 1x week (and breakfast on Saturdays when I was at my apartment)!

As the old folks say: I’m feeling mighty FINE!!

Its still a little snug. I feel like a sausage in sausage casing. But I smiled after trying it on. I hadn’t felt genuine JOY in a little while, and I desperately needed a reason to feel confident! 🙂 The last few months have been rough!

Keep smiling!

Eve Un-yoked





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