Too much time

Make the best use of time… (Ephesians 5:16)

Freetime is a blessing and a curse.

As a single woman I cannot put into words how much I appreciate my freetime but somehow I loathe it as well. I like waking up on certain Saturdays with the knowledge that I will stay in a T-shirt and socks all day, and will only be going as far as my refrigerator. I like knowing that I can spend all day in the library drinking coffee and finding new pages to excite my imagination. I like being able to take a roadtrip, go to happy hour, take a class, call into work, or decide to movie binge without having to take anyone else’s schedule into consideration.

This is my life. I don’t have to make considerations for others.

But at the same time too much freetime can be detrimental for a single woman. In my own personal experience it can lead to:

  • weight gain
  • overspending
  • selfishness
  • un-productivity
  • depression


Who would have thought that too much freedom can have adverse effects?

weekly-to-do-list-2I have learned that my schedule, even if there are open time slots on my calendar, cannot be completely empty. I have to have an agenda. I have to have someplace to be, something to do, something or SOMEONE else to be responsible for. (It’s the same struggle my mom and many others experience when they enter retirement; those periods of time when days start to blend together and the freedom to do anything results in getting nothing accomplished.)

People need something pressing; a deadline to meet, a schedule to keep.

Once all the bills/ investments/financial obligations are taken care of many women (and men)  spend time spending the money  they earn. I personally am known for shopping, pampering myself, eating out, etc. merely as a means of entertainment. Not because I should, but because I can.


When I was in the Charlotte area I had a more consistent routine. It was a routine that worked for my lifestyle and allowed me to serve God, serve others, and still enjoy my freetime. I have been in the mid-west for a year and have not gotten a schedule established thus far, but 2017 will be a year of volunteerism. Each of us needs to do more than just work. The job/career/the money won’t ever be fulfilling. We just aren’t built that way. Women were created to NUTURE and if we are unable to develop and exercise that amazing attribute, we find ourselves unfulfilled somehow.

So since I am tired of feeling fat, depressed, lonely when I look in the mirror I’ve challenged myself to let go of so much of my freetime. I have to STAY BUSY. And this won’t be going out more or spending money on food and even more clothing. It’s a busyness that goes beyond my day job. It’s a busyness that helps validate God’s love in my life. And while you may think you don’t have time to volunteer, serve, teach a class, or learn a new hobby, I am sure that you do. The next time you find yourself sleeping the day-, week-, month-away (yes, I have done it too!) challenge yourself to do something for someone else, and all the better if it’s a long-term commitment. These responsibilities help tie up some of your unproductive freetime and build your Christian character.

Challenge yourself to do more in 2017.

Find a way to change someone else’s life  and I’m pretty sure you will change yours in the process.

Keep pressing Ladies!!

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