Live with Abandon

Have you ever wanted to just walk away from everything? Just grab (or leave) your purse and walk away without looking back.

One of my favorite older songs right now is Newsboys Live with Abandon. I’m intrigued by the song because the lyrics seems so surreal to me. How many of us would like to declare “I’m not looking back, I’m done with that”—leaving behind the foolishness, the regrets, the painful memories that keep us stagnant. Far too often we get stuck in those moments. Worried about failing again. Worried about the world finding out. Worried about being far too exposed…

Though the song is easy to love,  it saddens me sometimes when I hear it. Over the years I have heard myself whisper the song’s resounding lyrics: there’s gotta be so much more to life than this/A higher calling that I’ve missed…

Don’t get me wrong, my life is okay, but is a life that’s just okay” enough?

Should it be?

I wonder how do you make your life count? How do you make it matter? What happened to the fullness of God promised in Ephesians 3:19?

When something is missing, when something needs adjusting, maybe placing every part of my heart into the hands of Christ helps a person figure out what that something is. Maybe living with abandon will always be a continuous forward-focus on following Christ. A way to let go and abandon everything that has happened in order to grow; to expand the breadth of who you  currently are into who you were born to be. Because as Newsboys points out: our life should count, every breath.

At present I’m not giving ANYTHING all that I am… and maybe that’s the problem.

Thanks for reading!

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