Busy, but not productive

Too often we find our schedules so full of appointments, chores, hobbies, responsibilities, and daily demands that by the day’s end we have not been able to complete the many tasks required.

How often have you wished you could somehow create an extra 2-3 hours—to add space and time in order to complete the day’s To-Do List.

This week’s word focus will be diligence, discipline, and grace.

There is honor in a prudent heart that intends to do well.  Focus, concerted effort, and consistency are the best ways to capitalize on limited time. They maximize one’s productivity levels in a way that is necessary and required for the busiest of lives. But even if some tasks are left behind and must be pushed to later in the week, God can and will honor your effort. It’s okay to give yourself a little grace. If we’re honest, we often overcommit ourselves. [our concerned inner Eve asks: Did I eat today? LOL!]

Do WHAT you can WHEN you can—to the best of your ability. Focus on making the most of this present day. Leave everything else up to God.

Matthew 6:24 Proverbs 21:5 2 Corinthians 9:8

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