Who’s That Girl?


 I am a twenty-something Black woman who has grandiose ideas of one day becoming a published author. I graduated from college with a BA degree in Economics and am currently employed by a southeastern retail corporation as an Analyst. Though I get paid to work with numbers in my present career, I secretly love the power of words. It amazes me how math is very static and concrete, but words are somehow less than absolute. The arrangement gives the author power to manifest whatever he/she desires, and yet leaves room for the reader to find their own  relative meanings.

I originally started kdemarie.net and eveunyoked.com to encourage myself to be more consistent in my writings, since then I’ve discovered that my life as a young Christian woman in today’s society, with today’s concerns, is a beautiful struggle in itself and warrants the best wordplay I could ever try to provide. This blog gives way to discussions, revelations, or random venting sessions about the nuances of my grace-filled living… the tragedies, the triumphs and every stumble in between! I trust that these reflections (or whatever randomness may hit the blogspace throughout it’s existence) will be of some use to those who find themselves here.  I don’t have any goals or intentions. I am grateful to share with you what little grace (gifts) that God has given me. It’s my desire and  hope that when you visit, these words meet you exactly where you are.

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl?

    • K.DeMarie says:

      Thanks Mike!!! I’ve just gotta keep writing. Can’t expect them to wan’t to publish if I’ve given them nothing to work with!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for checking out the blog.

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