Marital Bliss or Love Amiss?

Marital Bliss or Love Amiss? These days marriage should be an abstract thought for me. I have never had a real relationship other than my familial ones so it baffles me how I often sit and anguish over the fact that I’m 28 years old and still unmarried! This year I’ve noticed that everyone around … Continue reading Marital Bliss or Love Amiss?

Rearview Mirrors don’t Reassure Realities

Rearview Mirrors are distorting.  Really, they are. When you think about what’s happening, you have to eventually come to terms that any and everything you see in your ‘rearview mirror’ has now been distorted by some very important factors: 1) Time has passed.  2) You have changed. 3)That “thing” has changed.  Nothing wrong with reflections. … Continue reading Rearview Mirrors don’t Reassure Realities