My Wildest Dreams… (aren’t all that WILD)

I’ve been watching the Rio 2016 Olympics and have been questioning—Why is it so rare that we meet people that are exactly where GOD designed them to be? Am I the only person who sees these people as the exception?

How I played myself…

So lemme tell you guys how I played myself…. For months I have been “crushing” on my pastor’s son! I pay attention to what he’s wearing, where he is in the sanctuary, who he’s conversing with, etc. Seriously, straight middle school/high school shenanigans! To be perfectly transparent (which is the norm when it comes to … Continue reading How I played myself…

Distractions (part 1)

When I was 18 years old I met someone who was spiritually stronger than me. After years of dating me (and really doing everything the wrong way), he came to me one night and said that he "had never been so convicted in his life". Things changed immediately after that. Our relationship was one of those things.


***The content of this post has been removed.*** Sometimes your own transparency undermines the privacy of others. This post was of that nature. Thank you for reading! Eve Un-Yoked