Naked & Un-Ashamed


**Posts of a Personal Nature**

Before I began this expose` I would like to remind you all that I am no expert on the BIBLE.

I am the culmination of 4 factors:

  1. a daughter to my parents;
  2. a product of my environment;
  3. a student of what I read; and
  4. a chosen recipient of God’s grace.


There are areas in my life that I am pretty forth-coming about and my own personal struggles have proven to be prime areas for God to grow and develop who I am. We’ll call it Christian-Character-Building.

Since I am most-impacted by testimonies I can glean from, I take the opportunity to be as transparent as possible in my own testimony (even if my Dad hates that I “put too much on Facebook and social media” as he so often reminds me!).

Sorry Daddy, this one may hurt a bit!

2012 Half-Marathon!!

Self-Torture: Training for a Half Marathon Okay, so every time I mention to people that I have decided to run a half marathon in 2012, I get hit with the raised eyebrow and the quizzical expression that silently asks: Why would anyone do such a thing to themselves? Well, to be honest, running 13.1 miles … Continue reading 2012 Half-Marathon!!

This year…IT’S GOING DOWN!!!

Happy Friday Everyone! Okay so I realize that I’m technically 2 days late in uploading this, but like I’ve been saying— I’M WONDERFUL WITH IDEAS, JUST SUFFER FROM PISS-POOR FOLLOW-THRU!! Nevertheless, here I am with my 2012 bucket list!!! I’ll get straight to the point on this one! Lately I’ve been feeling so settled and … Continue reading This year…IT’S GOING DOWN!!!

Letters to the Editor

I wish writing letters never went out of style. There is something introspective about writing letters. I haven’t owned a diary in years, but this will be an electronic diary of sorts, filled with discussions, rants, worship… intimate  inquiries and made on my behalf or for others. We’ll see what happens here. Love, Eve Unyoked

After I gave him MY BODY

I had been celibate since September 2008. And while it wasn’t an easy road, I walked it. In 2014 along came a gentleman who was nothing I’d ever imagined and for some reason I got hooked. I knew we had opposite agendas. I knew he wasn’t pro-abstaining from sex, but there was just something about … Continue reading After I gave him MY BODY