Training… Well, NOT-really-training…

Okay, so let me just start off by simply saying that I’m exhausted. Literally exhausted. It amazes me how one can seem so bored when they have all the time in thworld to twiddle thumbs and twist ends of one’s hair every other minute of the day, but once they began to actively busy themselves with something substantial, the tiredness comes so quickly. As you may know already I have set out to fully complete my 2012 bucket list.. if you have no idea to which im referring feel free to check out the initial  posting . Anyway, Its only been one month and I sadly report that I tire already. Its not that I’d like to quit just yet, but I feel like I’ve got no time to simply do the things that used to help me waste away several hours each day. You know what I mean, those moments that make you forget that time is actually being spent. I used to like to  daydream about the paint colors for my future home; I’d envision my children  being the darling angels I know they will be one day, or even sit and watch countless dvds on my laptop, while I wearily estimate how long it will take my soulmate to find me among the billions of people that exist on planet earth.  You know, those thoughts that sit somewhere among the brain matter that’s not actively being used.


Anyway, finding the time to write a little something has been nonexistent as well, I have post-it notes scattered on my desk, jotted ideas in book binds, and folded reminders strategicallystuck inside the many pockets of my crossbody.. but for some reason, they never get expounded upon. I even miss my sleepless nights when I’d stay up all night simply getting my thoughts outside of my head. These days, when I hit the sheets, my body and brain are too exhausted to even relinquish 20-30 minutes to dedicated writing time. I’ll do better. I just have to get my body accommodated to actually being busy every day.

Amazingly, I can say that I have been able to scratch one thing off of my bucket list thus far. I am proud to say that I’ve joined another ministry in my church and have been pleasantly surprised by how much enjoyment I get out of the opportunity. Its more of a commitment than I initially thought I’d have to make, but every fabulous adventure costs something, whether it be time, money or effort—IT still costs. So I give up one Saturday per month to hang out with some fabulous little people, helping them learn the word of God and fellowship with each other in a safe, clean, fun-filled Godly environment.. I must say I ‘m grateful for the opportunity.

**** On another note, I’d just like to point out that I am currently sitting in the book store cafe and there are 3 African-American men, all under 40,[which means that they fit comfortably within my age-to-date range LOL!]  sitting with 15 feet of me! Two are reading and the third is punching away on his laptop as am I. I’m feeling all warm because this is a new thing for me. I relish in the fact that the wonders of the day are amazing!! And In case you’r wondering…nope, I haven’t saved a child’s life, I didn’t win the lotto, and as far as I know, we haven’t given every US citizen the opportunity to vacation in outer space… but its little moments like these that make me glad I am as nosey as I am. Now typically when I hang out in the bookstore, I see several women, and a few men sprinkled here and there (and the men I do see are usually boo’d up with women they’re trying to impress by coming to the bookstore with them!!! ,Hey, we all know the ones I’m referring to, but today must really be my lucky day! Like a lioness in tall grass, I get to silently watch their movements, intrigued by the far-fetched idea that my soul mate may be one of the three. (Don’t people always say that you’d have to have some similarities with the one you’re destined to be with? Well, why not have a love for lounging in bookstores be one of those commonalities!!) Don’t laugh, however improbable for today’s crowd, trust me, it’s not that impossible.

To update on my marathon training, I have decided that I will probably participate in the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon in October. I know I’ll probably suck in my timing, but as noted on runner’s… the first marathon I do, should really be all about completion and not about my finished time. Getting across the finish line will be a tedious enough challenge. To show my dedication, I went to Gaffney Outlet and purchased a new pair of sneakers! (Of course, I went to get a running sneaker and ended up buying some walking sneakers to run in.) Weird, I know, but the arch support is kinda cool.


Since everybody likes pics… here you go! 🙂


I did also begrudgingly register for the Cooper River Bridge Run, in Charleston, SC but have no idea why I’d attempt such a feat. I’ve ran the 10K race before, but that was 2 years ago when I was better conditioned and felt that I had something to prove to myself. This year, the CRBR was more about what other people were doing (as was the commitment to run a half-marathon 🙂 ).  Nevertheless, I will be woman of my word and follow-thru on my promise. Geez.. had I known I’d be so overwhelmed with everything during my days, I would have limited my bucket list to a mere 3-5 things I’d like to get accomplished. There’s not enough hours in the day, as they say!!  As of late, the hardest thing for me to do  is find the time to work on any of my goals. I have to make time for work-things, church-things, crochet-things, writing-things, running-things, breathing & eating-things.. poor me that felt that she was too bored and needed to fill her days with substantial efforts. Well, I can earnestly say, that I’ve definitely done it. I have to make time to even take care of household things like folding clothes and doing laundry. And don’t get me started on the idea of hair-braiding. Sitting for hours in a braiding salon is def a no-go right now. Even though my hair leaves something to be desired, I don’t have the free hours to afford to do so. This bucket list is already becoming burdensome.. but since I’ve committed… I digress.

(Yep, I know its short, but even 15 minute updates are few and far between! 🙂 )


Wish me luck!

Keep Smiling!

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