My Mold (after a Red Lobster Dinner)

*** This was orignally posted on my MySpace, but I needed to re-post for someone that I love!

** We don’t have to understand it all! You are the man you are because of your past. Appreciate it for what it was! I love you bunches!
I have come to the realization that we all have people in our lives who have made us who we are. Their influence, whether good or bad, have allowed us to grow in ways that we sometimes don’t ever understand.Its easy for people to say that they’ve become thier own persons, have developed into this grandiose level of adulthood because of several choices they have made. But I am beginning to realize that it is many of the pains in life: The nights we felt should have gone differently, the sorrow on our heart because of what went wrong, the deep pain of people who at some point may have let you down.. Its in these “times” that we become that much more determined to be more than we are.. More than THEY are.

We question: How can love,trust,esteem,and honor, treat you that way. There’s not supposed to be a feeling of anger when you think of the people who are supposed to have the greatest impact on your life. We may have felt embarrassed by their behavior, disrepected by something they said that never, ever should have been said. We feel let-down in the realization that they haven’t lived up to the standard you’ve set for them.

And so because we begin resenting those persons and the feelings we harbor. We unconciously try to  process those feelings.

Those feelings can either:

1) Defer our potential.

We let the negative attitude seep into our daily lives and it hinders us from growing. We become constrained by the dark thought that things will never be higher-than-average. We settle for where we are, or begin to shoot for stars so close that we pretty much know we’re going to reach them. Its never becomes a mission of impossibly, but instead, becomes an option within one’s range. We become experts of minimalistic ideas and fancy. Surprising ourselves less and less until, surprise and accomplishment no longer exist. We settle on SIMPLE THINGS because to desire more than that leaves us open to the vulnerabilty we felt when we were disappointed times before. And who would really set themselves up for that again? NOT ANY OF US AT ALL!

or, they can:

2) Catapult us into action.

We can use that resentment to push us over the hump of indesicion and laziness. We become determined to WANT MORE, DO MORE, HAVE MORE. To EXPERIENCE LIFE, not just to live it. Not to become useless or complacent, but to live a life that says I know that I can do anything because I’ve tried. No matter what goals you reach for, you know that the good that comes out of every lesson-learned-hard is ALWAYS WORTH IT! You can see clearly where you want to go. Know unfailingly that you will get there.. But its the route you’ll take that leads to the limitless possiblities. We know deep down that we never want to disappoint ourselves the way that others could. So we develop a drive that sits in the belly of our spirit. It causes others to look at us like we’re crazy..but deep down, we know. We know and understand that its easy to let others down, but completely unacceptable to bear the blame for our own dissatisfaction. So we resolve that If my happiness has to come from me: By Golly..IT DAMN SURE WILL!

~~~ To you: It takes a lifetime to become the Champion. And SOMEtimes a man is tested by what he felt were his lowest moments…But ultimately… He is ALWAYS characterized and defined by how he PREVAILED despite them.
I love you.

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