The Business of Staying Busy: Small jobs do the trick

There has been so much that I don’t want to do that I’m getting side-tracked when it comes to finding something that’s blog-worthy… though since this is my blog and I can really write about whatever I wanna write about, it doesn’t really matter the topic! I can ramble on about anything my heart desires!!! (and hopefully you won’t be too bored while reading!)

Well, here lately I’ve been bitten by the shopping bug. (Actually, lets be honest, I’m always in the mood to shop, but I just don’t have the cash flow to really indulge all the time.) And don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes shop, its just that when the jones hits me, and rather hard I must say, I spend in swells! I’ll save, save, save for weeks and weeks, then I try to go buy one thing, and end up spending $100-$150 on dresses or sandals that I just HAVE TO HAVE! I’m pretty sure that every woman has those moments where she’s disappointed in herself for not sticking to her guns and just saying NO. But for those budgeteers, consistently saving money is a very hard thing to do! You somehow feel that you don’t deserve to shop because you haven’t met your financial goals. And this mentally, for me anyway, is detrimental. Almost depressing, because I’ve found that anything YOU FEEL YOU DON’T DESERVE allows room for self-depreciation. And in truth, unworthiness IS a rather ugly neighbor that no one would want to confess to have let come in and stick around! ** As true as this is for me sometimes, I was recently reminded by my co-worker that GOD blesses faithfulness. I may not have loads and loads of savings, but  there’s no need to beat myself up about it! Just keep doing what I’ve been doing. He’ll do the rest! )

But on another note:  I just recently met a fabulous young woman who confessed to paying off $15,000 in credit card debt in 12 months!!!! That’s right folks : IN ONE YEAR SHE PAID OFF $15,000.00. I know somewhere that Dave Ramsey, sitting under his spend thrifty economic-oak tree, where the wind is blowing against the money  leaves that never, ever fall off; is somehow aware that one additional American has taken advantage of his push that all of us BE DEBT FREE! 🙂

I confess that I’m working rather slowly in my efforts to pay off all of my debts, but have recently found that to curb my spending habits whenever the shopping jones does rear its menacing face,  I can find alternative ways to spend less money. I may not shop every week, or even every month, but when I do, I have to find something that is worth the monetary sacrifice I’m giving up in my savings. Yeah, $60 stilettos are cute and all, but why spend half of my light bill on yet another pair of unnecessary shoes!  (That one’s for my Daddy!!  Yes, Daddy, I remember LEVIRN TARTE LIFE- LESSON #968: YOU DO NOT BUY SHOES when your light bill is due!)  In this case though, I shop in such a way, that I can afford to pay the light bill and get a lesser expensive shoe! Ha! Now, how’s that for thrifty!

So since  I’ve been hitting up the Goodwills and thrift stores  in the upstate, I’ve noticed that everything that I love… doesn’t really work for me all the time. Its either too small or way too big. Now the former, I tend to leave on the shelf. I mean, taking things out 1-2 inches just subconsciously makes me seem FAT.. so why even bother with the hassle behind it. But the latter, I’ve begun to enjoy. I relish in the idea that these too-big pieces can be considered mini-projects for me. And for someone who said she’d busy herself this year, why not take advantage?  Who said an amazing skirt can’t be useful just b/c it’s a size 22? I can take it in and wear it, or even use the material to think up something other than dresswears… I’m seeing  material used to sew a tube or halter top… maybe a handbag/clutch???… I even saw one chick make scarves out of pretty prints that she had found in the thrift. {Shout out to all those YouTubers who help me “sew” by posting amazing videos!! I love you all!! Really, I DO!}

Since today found me bored as ever, I figured I’d give it a shot and take a skirt in that I’d had for  a while now. I have plenty of material for these mini-projects.. and at some point I have to get to making my skirt/pants/dress for my BUCKET LIST goal.. but since today was a slow day and I really wanted to start a project AND ACTUALLY FINISH THE DARN THING TODAY—I figured lets work on an easy alteration instead of starting from scratch! Either way, I now have a size 16-turned-size 6 skirt, that I can wear to work!!!

As usual, I know you guys like pictures, so here you go!

Keep Smiling!!

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