After I gave him My Body

I played this game with him for 2 years. We had kept it PG-13 for two years. Two years of “us” not having sex ‘on the strength of me’ as he called it. And one random date-night, when nothing we scheduled actually went as planned...


***The content of this post has been removed.*** Sometimes your own transparency undermines the privacy of others. This post was of that nature. Thank you for reading! Eve Un-Yoked  

Tightrope Faith

Tightrope Faith (quoted from Chip Ingram: Living on the Edge) ________________________________________ I heard following story many years ago. I don't know if it is a true story or just made up, but, it has always helped me to remember the difference between "belief" and "faith." What is life saving faith? There once was a famous … Continue reading Tightrope Faith