After I gave him My Body

I played this game with him for 2 years. We had kept it PG-13 for two years. Two years of “us” not having sex ‘on the strength of me’ as he called it. And one random date-night, when nothing we scheduled actually went as planned...

Too much time

I have to STAY BUSY. And this won’t be going out more or spending money on food and even more clothing. It’s a busyness that goes beyond my day job. It’s a busyness that helps validate God’s love in my life.

Distractions (part 1)

When I was 18 years old I met someone who was spiritually stronger than me. After years of dating me (and really doing everything the wrong way), he came to me one night and said that he "had never been so convicted in his life". Things changed immediately after that. Our relationship was one of those things.