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Daniel Fast: Day 1

Daniel Fast Day 1: Scriptures: Isaiah 54:17; Isaiah 26:3, James 1:5 Prayer Target: The Visionaries of Harvest Church International   Today was day 1 of my 21 Day Daniel Fast. And it was amazing. I had fasted before, but never like this. The church gave me an informational packet Wednesday night that included: the dates… Continue reading Daniel Fast: Day 1

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When all you want to do is say YES…

  I am tired of being celibate. There is really no other way to say it.   Here’s the background: I was practicing celibacy for 6 years. 6 LONG YEARS. The entire time I struggled in dating because even when you meet “Christian men” for some reason the celibacy talk never goes well. Anyway, just… Continue reading When all you want to do is say YES…


Phone Chats w/an Un-Believer

So, Last night I  was hungry for talk-time. Having a typical “woman-like-moment” I wanted him to communicate with me. And since we both make things rather plain I told him early on: “hey, we have been passing time on the phone lately, but we definitely haven’t been talking.” He agreed. So last night, I pulled.… Continue reading Phone Chats w/an Un-Believer

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Rearview Mirrors don’t Reassure Realities

Rearview Mirrors are distorting.  Really, they are. When you think about what’s happening, you have to eventually come to terms that any and everything you see in your ‘rearview mirror’ has now been distorted by some very important factors: 1) Time has passed.  2) You have changed. 3)That “thing” has changed.  Nothing wrong with reflections.… Continue reading Rearview Mirrors don’t Reassure Realities