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A moment of Reflection…[for Peter]

A moment of Reflection….[for Peter] Sitting there at the funeral of Peter Williams I was astonished at the quietness of it all. I fully expected people to go over the top. I expected people to wail and moan about the life taken by his own hand. I think that like me, we were all questioning… Continue reading A moment of Reflection…[for Peter]

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Rearview Mirrors don’t Reassure Realities

Rearview Mirrors are distorting.  Really, they are. When you think about what’s happening, you have to eventually come to terms that any and everything you see in your ‘rearview mirror’ has now been distorted by some very important factors: 1) Time has passed.  2) You have changed. 3)That “thing” has changed.  Nothing wrong with reflections.… Continue reading Rearview Mirrors don’t Reassure Realities