Ruth NEVER Waited…

Every Christian, Single woman that I know always says the same thing when asked why she’s still single:

She’s waiting on her BOAZ.

Trust me, I’ve said it too! Well, in truth, I don’t know why any of us would feel like we’d ever find wonderfully, amazing Christian men with this strategy. If you’ve ever read the book of Ruth, then you know the last thing the lovely Ruth did was wait. She made critical-decisions, she strategized, she planned.. and even recieved the mentorship and guidance of an older, wiser, once-marreid woman who had the highest intentions and regard for our Ruthie. Ruth wasn’t busying herself, overloading with work and living through other people’s adventures, Ruth took the initiative to properly place herself in situations where she could be “found” by BOAZ. She was proactive, not complacent and patient. Wating she did not.

As a christian single, I am noticing that far too many of us are talking amongst ourselves regarding our single state. We converse about the difficulties that exist in being Single & Saved in today’s world. and we do it so often, that I even look forward to bantering with my fellow singles about the highs & lows of singledom. Though I love to converse about being single, its not helping me [or anyone else] change that state. After every sista-circle meeting I have, my relationship status stays the same!

So, this is my attempt to do something about it. This is my attemp to be more BOLD. To no longer let life meet me at work, at church, at home… alone. I am an amazing woman of GOD.. on the way to GREATNESS. So why should “MY HE” never get the chance for our paths to meet? I have to go, so that I can be found.

Many of us Christian singles must do better! I must do better… and so it begins….

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