Eve Un-Yoked is where single women get to explore and inquire exactly what Paul meant when he said singleness was one of the  “proper gifts” of God. Some of us may have the gift of singleness and the rest, well, we desire a bit more!

This blogspace is an avenue to be explored by  all single women.

The talk will be candid, direct, bold. We may get imaginable, fanciful, or even dreamy. But as a foundation, we will use  what God has spoken through his holy word. However tough the discussion, we’ll talk about  triumphs and tragedies, contentment, faith, expectancies and His design for women.

We’ll laugh, cry, shout, and dance through it all  as we continue to build ourselves up to being whatever type of woman God has called us to be.

You know what: 

Being SINGLE is harder than some people think!

Just because a woman isn’t married that doesn’t mean her life is easier or less stressful. None of us are experts on the best way to live this life, but somehow with God’s help, SINGLE or otherwise, we’ll figure it out!

 Keep smiling ladies,

Eve Un-yoked