Ramblings on Expressions…

I have never been creative.

Well, not in the traditional way we think of creativity. I have never liked art class. I have never enjoyed building, designing things for functionality. It was never my forte to create recipes, hairstyles, fashion styles/trends—I am just not that girl.

But words, words I love.

Super frustrated during this current phase of my life, I heard myself tell God during my many ramblings to him, ‘Lord, I would write, but I don’t know what to write’.

What is the focus? Where is my focus this season? Who am I speaking to anyway?

We often get caught up on the dream. We get so focused on the WHAT we are supposed to be doing, that we fail to realize the HOW AND WHY we do what we do is sometimes more important.

In a matter of 6 days God created an infinite number of things.

God went about the business of expressing himself in through things that he has made Romans 1:20.  Creation is what he does. All of what we know and experience is an expression of WHO GOD IS. He did not say, if I don’t get it right this first time, I’ll stop. Creation was not a 24-hour project. He continues to express himself through the growth and evolution of people, this world, the atmosphere & many galaxies that he has created. Each of us in Christ is a new creation 2 Corinthians 5:17; he has declared us his handiwork, his masterpiece the past & future of his work Ephesians 2:10.

I struggle with writing sometimes because in my mind; there is one epic work—a grand masterpiece—that I should start and finish. But when considering things that are deemed great; world wonders that the world stands in awe of: The Taj Mahal, leaning tower of Pisa, Pyramids of Giza, da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the painting of the Sistine Chapel–beautiful wonders that span years & sometimes decades of artistic commitment and diligence. Even the Holy Bible was said to take over 1300 years to compile. I realize great things, worthy things take time.

With all human knowledge, there are parts of God that we have yet to understand. God expressions we cannot know. The Bible says that He is incomprehensible Psalm 145:3. Like a poem that seems to ramble, a garden that looks untended, abstract artwork that requires the artist translation, I believe that our existence is a story that only God can explain. One we may hear only in the firmament of heaven.

Divine revelation provides a portion of His intent, but we understand only the parts that God has allowed us to clearly see Romans 1:19. There are some hidden colors, textures, ingredients that are beyond our ability to comprehend.

And yet our lack of understanding doesn’t keep God from creating. We may not get it, or ever understand WHY, but God keeps expressing himself. As I live, I am to do the same. These words, regardless of their understood intent are a form of expression. Creative expression is the part of God’s character that each of us share. Creating is what we were made to do.

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