6 Things that I’ve Discovered

Okay, so there are simply some confessions that I have to make!! I am beginning to dread this friggin’ marathon! I haven’t ran since the bridge run and to be honest, I don’t feel bad about it! My boss has been hounding me about getting started.. b/c 13 miles is a long way she says.. “You can’t just think you’ll finish well”… “you have to be properly trained, Krystal”… “Did you run this morning?”…”When are you going to find the time?”… “Okay, but its going to only get worse the longer you wait”. I AM SO NOT IN THE MOOD TO TAKE THESE QUESTIONS/COMMMENTS… but she’s become an honorary accountability partner. And since she LOVES TO RUN.. she’s an advocate for anyone who’s even remotely interested in the sport!. Yes, running has become the “thing-to-do” these days. Running/fitness/ healthier lifestyles are all awesome trends that are making there way mainstream and hopefully will be around for a while.

While I fully support being in-shape and as healthy as one can be.. I am just too spent to do anything about it. By the time I start my day.. it seems that I’ve got just enough time to clean up my room (ie: make my bed and put clothes back in the closet) get to work (and drag for 8 hours on someone else’s dime), come home.. stuff my face… do whatever household chores are required for the evening, and then hop back in to the bed. Yes, I admit that I haven’t been making the time. Sheesh, I’m tired constantly. And getting up at 4:30 these days, when I know I need 2 more hours of sleep, just hasn’t been that appealing to me. At least getting up that early has yet to outweigh the fact that the “half” is in October and I’m barely running 3 miles!!! But I digress.. I can’t stress over what I haven’t been working to correct!! Today’s post is about venting! And this is what I’m here to do!

Okay, so just so you know why I’m so slack in my half marathon training, I’d just like to point out a few things that I’ve noticed about myself THIS YEAR!! (Since I’ve made my commitment to my bucket list!)

My Discoveries:

1)      I hate running! It totally sucks. (but I kinda knew this before I started. OAN: runner’s high is REAL.. but that jones has yet to hit me! Even when I was training consistently 2 years ago!) I don’t run for sport. Just isn’t me!

2)      My priorties have to change. If I don’t have an alternative goal: lose weight, get abs, feel better… then I don’t just wanna run for the sake of running. It just doesn’t mean that much to me anymore b/c I’m happy where I am. I don’t’ have a driving force that’s making me move toward the pavement. I cringe everytime I tie up my laces… and that leaves me defeated before I even hit the pavement! UGGGHHHHHHH!

3)      I need new running music. My playlist has been the same for the past 3 years and I’m not excited to hear any of those tracks. When I run w/ my MP3 player, instead of my jamming out, my focus is on randim thoughts that distract me from simply singing to the music. As I run.. my mind seems to wander…. Yep, I’m too I’m bored with all this music. Why didn’t I add more rap? Wonder how long more I should run? OMG: is that my breathing that I’m hearing? How far have I ran today? OMG: My feet sound so heavy? How much did I commit to? I’ll never get to 13 mi. Geesh, I hope my heart doesn’t give out…..and on and on the treacherous running steals my joy and I’m all disgruntle b/c I’m not running b/c I like it, I’m running b/c I have to. (Which totally sucks BTW!)

4)      I need to eat better! I don’t have the fuel I need b/c I’ve been filing up with everything I crave: Sweets/Pizza/ Chocolate/Pizza/ Burgers/ Fries/ Pizza/ Pizza/Pizza…. Hard to run anywear with pepperoni holding your belly hostage! When you eat heavy.. you feel heavy..(not sure if you knew that, but ‘tis so very true!!)

5)      When you aren’t running, you don’t really want to talk to other people that are running (This one’s strictly for my boss who makes sure she gets it in every morning and loves to come to work and announce how amazing fabulous her work out has been) “C’mon…. for the sake of my very last nerve… can we talk about work? Puhleeeeze!” **another reason I dread this is b/c each time she asks, I have to confess that nope, I’ve not started yet! Nope, I haven’t ran this week. You won’t believe how disappointed I feel when I know this is my fault alone!! I can’t blame anyone but myself and my laziness!

6)      My bed has become enemy #1! It calls my name at least 3 days/week to take mid-day naps and in the mornings it just doesn’t want to let me go! And since my alarm clock is set for 4:30 every morning and I still seem to get up @6:30 instead, I’m gonna go ahead and confess that I hate my alarm clock too!! Daggone snooze button, one day it should stop working that way I’m forced to endure the maniacle ringing/beeping tones that force me up and out of my bed each day! My tolerance is rather low, but since I control the sound of my alarm each day, I tend to prefer the cease & desist option that I can create by hitting the SSNNNOOOOZZZZEEEEEEE!

I’m sure that I have several more things to post, but I have to get up and get moving! I did commit to taking “before” pics to use as a measuring tool if I ever get conditioned to where I’d like to be. I was supposed to take some nude pictures this year so that I’d be able to get a painting done by a friend of mine, but I don’t want to be painted until I have some amazing abs to brag about! Plus, 2nd to your heart, they say core strength is the defining area of health/stability/fitness! So I’ve challenged myself to get some abs! Actually I have them, they are just covered w/ a layer of fat right now! HA! *** OAN: I hate floor work so blasting away stomach and back fat is rather hard to do  when you arent’ working your core muscles. Yeah, running will blast fat, but it’s hard to target abdominals when most of the work is being done with your LEGS!! (this one’s for my big brother who things that running is the end-all, be-all to me being in shape!! ) Sorry Dude, but I don’t think you’re 100% correct on that one! I’ll give you some, but not all! Gonna take some core work to get the 6-pack that I desire!

Well, since the core talk rounds me out to 7 things that I’ve discovered, I guess I’ll finally get out of bed. Enough typing on the blogspace.. besides. It’s 7:02am this fine Thursday morning and I’ve gotta be in the car by 7:30 in order to get to work on time. Gosh darn bed.. it knows that I have to shower and dress.. and yet again, it has enticed me to hang out/laydown/ reest a little while longer! Maybe I should start sleeping on the floor…???

Right, that’ll never happen~! Ha! 🙂

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