Tightrope Faith

Tightrope Faith (quoted from Chip Ingram: Living on the Edge)

I heard following story many years ago. I don’t know if it is a true story or just made up, but, it has always helped me to remember the difference between “belief” and “faith.” What is life saving faith?

There once was a famous tightrope walker who stretched a cable across Niagara Falls and was giving a demonstration of his ability. A crowd had gathered to watch and every time he went across the falls and back they would cheer wildly.

The tightrope walker walked across 160 feet above Niagra Falls several times, each time with a different daring feat – once in a sack, on stilts, on a bicycle, in the dark. One man in front yelled out to the tightrope walker “You are the greatest tightrope walker in the world!” This man was amazed. He thought the tightrope walker was incredible. So he is going on and on, just excited and thrilled by the tightrope walker’s abilities. He shouts on and on: “You’re the greatest!” The tightrope walker looked at the man and asked “Do you really think so?” The man answered, “Yes, I believe you are the greatest!” The tightrope walker smiled then asked the man “Do you think I could walk across that cable pushing a wheelbarrow?” The man replied, “Yes, I believe you could!” The tightrope walker replied, “Well, let’s see.” He then went to his truck, took out a wheelbarrow and proceeded to push the wheelbarrow across the falls and back. The man in the crowd cheered and yelled out, “I knew you could do it since you are the greatest in the world!” Again, the tight rope walker proves his ability by walking across the tightrope with 150 1bs of sandbags. The man cheers again shouts again: “See, you really are the greatest!” The tightrope walker smiled at the man and asked, “Do you think I could push this wheelbarrow across the falls with 150 pounds of weight in it?” The man replied, “Yes, I certainly believe you could!” The tightrope walker then looked at the man and said, “All right. Climb in!”


Belief is knowing of Jesus Christ. Its knowing that he is the son of God. It’s knowing that he lived, died for your sins, rose from the dead into heaven and will come again to separate God’s elect.

Belief is knowing all this to be true; confessing this belief about who Jesus is. But real faith, and earnest faith, is getting into the wheelbarrow.

-Chip Ingram

It’s a new year guys. A new chance to grow in faith!

I love you all. Keep smiling!

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