Dag…my battery’s Dead!!!



It’s the sound that wakes me this morning. It’s not a ring per se, but it’s the chime notification that alerts me to a low cellphone battery. I turn over in bed.

Gosh, I need to charge my phone.

I doze off again.


There it goes again. I begrudgingly get up, and walk over to the closet. I am staying at my Dad’s house and the phone charger is packed in my carrier. I dig for my phone charger. I plug the phone up, (showing only 4% battery power left) and get back in bed. It’s after 7am, but I’m determined to really sleep late. It’s Labor Day weekend after all. I deserve a few extra hours.

Had I been home I would have been up by now. Probably reading. Probably reading my Bible.

I look over at my phone. The ‘orange’ charge light glowing in the dark. Another visual sign my HTC battery is pulling all the current it can thru the use of my wall charger. As long as the battery is charged more than 14% the phone won’t beep. I look over. We’re at 11% after only a few seconds. I love how quickly this phone charges.

Since I’m never going to go back to sleep, I think about me missing my morning study session. My morning prayer. My morning reading–My purposeful quiet time with God.

Wouldn’t it be cool for if women had that same low battery notification?

Here I am at my dad’s house, with a bookshelf full of books and Bibles, and because I’m on “labor day vacation” I’m not even planning on reading anything.


I hear the chime in my head now. But it’s my own personal alarm this time. What if my spiritual battery is low? What if there is some necessary action God wants me to do? What if something’s coming and I’m not ready for it?

I’ve heard women tell me stories about being exhausted. Being so overwhelmed with husbands, kids, work, church stuff, financial stresses … daily living in general that they haven’t had the time to simply get themselves to together. They haven’t had the time to re-fuel, regenerate…in this case: re-charge.

While the chime notification isn’t my favorite sound, I’ve grown to appreciate the fact that I am able to catch my phone before it goes dead. I hate it when my phone goes dead and I have to re-charge from zero percent. Or when I am away from my charger it’s only a matter of time before the phone is DOA. It’s such a tragic experience to watch your phone die. You’re pissed that you didn’t charge your phone like you had a mind to. It totally sucks. I’m sure you hate it too! It’s the only thing you think about until you get back to your car or get back home. I have got to charge my phone! Overtime, if you’re phone keeps dying I’ve heard it will wear your battery out.

I can’t imagine having to deal with life from a zero-percent spiritual battery. We don’t want to wait for an emergency before we re-charge. We can’t afford to be completely exasperated and despondent before we re-fuel.

As tragic as it is for many of us when we see that our cell phone has gone dead, do we spring into action when our spiritual battery begins to get low?

Probably not. We ride it out, see how far we can get before we really NEED to go to God.

Or in some cases we are already dead before we realize anything at all.

I had to drag myself to get my bible this morning. And who knows where I may be in my Spiritual Strength barometer. And I don’t want going thru a tragic experience to realize I am lower than I thought.

As women we have to be cognizant of our charge percent. When we start worrying, when we get anxious, when we spend more time focused on circumstances than TRUTH, our low battery chimes should go off letting us know that we need an increase of power. We need to plug in to the only effective current that will build us back up. It’s not a pedicure. It’s not a new hairstyle. It’s not a vacation. It’s the word of God.

Too often we mistake PLEASURE for POWER. We feel down. We feel so low. And we try to find something that will build us back up. Getting new shoes or going out to eat may be a pleasurable experience. Lots of stuff can be PLEASUREABLE, but it doesn’t give you the POWER that most women yearn for–The power that all women need. Knowing more of Christ is the only thing that does that.

When’s the last time your spiritual notification alerted you?

What strength percent are you operating off of?


Scripture Reference:

He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power.

Isaiah 40:29

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